Are Crocs in or out?

Katie Matthews, Staff Writer

Crocs were once thought of as an embarrassment to wear, but now they seem to have made a comeback with students. Walking through the hallways countless teenagers can be seen wearing these shoes in many different colors and designs.  

“Crocs are my favorite,” said Nelson Rivera, 10, “They go with almost everything, they are easy to put on, and are practical.” Rivera feels passionately that Crocs are making a comeback for all the right reasons.  

“There are a variety of options when choosing Crocs,” said Hannah Oppegard, 11, “From every color imaginable to being able to personalize your shoes with jibbitz.” 

Although, they are becoming increasingly popular, some students have differing views on the return of Crocs.  

“I wore Crocs when I was 9,” said Cambell Brown, 10, “and even then, it was embarrassing.” Brown admits that they are becoming a trend again, but they shouldn’t be.  

A popular criticism is the high price of Crocs. “They are my favorite shoes to wear,” said Karli Delguidice, 11, “but they are not worth the high price of $40.” Many people don’t want to spend that much money on casual shoes. 

“I don’t mind crocs,” said Alana Salgado, 12, “but they are definitely becoming more popular in school.”