‘You’ on Netflix

Lara McKeown, Staff Writer

Netflix’s new show, You, covers the story of Joe, a bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with a girl, Beck, who he meets at work. He goes to extreme lengths to stalk her, including stealing her phone to track her location and watching her through her apartment window. The obsession soon turns deadly as he tries to eliminate any of Beck’s friends, boyfriends and others who could stand in his way.

The show originally aired on Lifetime in September but has recently gained much more popularity upon moving to Netflix in December. Joe narrates his thoughts throughout the show, justifying his obsessive attempts of trying to make Beck fall in love with him.

Initially when watching it, I was appalled by how casually he rationalizes stalking her and killing the people he perceives as threats. However, as it went on, I found myself practically rooting for him until I remembered that he’s insane.

The show sheds light on how easy it can be for people to stalk you through social media and makes you question how well you really know the people you let into your life. Joe got so far as to becoming Beck’s boyfriend for months, and she only discovers his secret by a chance encounter. If she hadn’t accidentally found out, who knows how long he could have pulled this off?

Though some of the events are a little predictable, You is still very exciting and will keep your interest until the very end. With the first season ending on an unexpected cliffhanger, it leaves viewers looking forward to season 2 and what else it may reveal about Joe’s backstory.