Tips for AP students

Lara McKeown, Staff Writer

Many students take AP classes to excel in their academics, raise their GPAs and potentially earn college credit. However, some students struggle with the heavy workload and studying for AP exams.

One way to handle this stress is to manage time wisely. Prioritize homework based on what’s due soonest and how long each assignment will take. Avoiding distractions such as social media or TV can help get work done faster and prevent procrastination.

Another tip is to study for 15 minutes every day. Consistently reviewing the material you were taught will help you remember it for a longer time. Studying ahead of time and not waiting to cram the day of will create a less stressful environment when taking the quiz or test.

Procrastination is one of the biggest mistakes students can make. Starting homework the day it’s assigned and working on it over time will make it less difficult and avoid doing it all at once the day before it’s due.

Once the exam arrives, it can be helpful to get a review book, especially for the more difficult classes. These books summarize the information you need to know and provide practice tests and FRQs. They also have tips specific for each class to help manage your time on the exam and become familiar with the AP exam format.

Even though AP classes are challenging, these tips can help reduce the stress and workload. These classes can be rewarding after the hard work put in throughout the year if you do your homework on time and study for the exams and tests.