Help Wanted

Katie Matthews, Staff Writers

A job can be great way to learn independence and earn some spending money. High school students are constantly looking for the best job to fit into their busy school schedules. These are the years where teenagers have to start working for their own money.

“McDonalds is a great first job, I get a lot of hours and after the first week everything is relatively easy,” said Nicholas Webb, 11, “we also get free food.”

There’s tons of opportunities in the area to get a job, some more preferable than others. Jobs can have better working conditions or management that makes them more appealing.

“The tutoring center is a great option for students interested in becoming a teacher,” said Valentina Sarria, 12, “it’s not too hard, it’s just like additional school.”

Working at a tutoring center can also teach you how to work with kids and refresh your knowledge on basic academics. However, others prefer to take a different route.

“Mission BBQ is a great place to work if you want to pursue a career in the military. The veterans who work there have helpful advice about enlisting and beyond,” said Brenda Cruz, 12.

Mission BBQ prefers hiring people who are enlisting or have been in the military. This is beneficial to veterans and people considering going into the military.

There are also greater opportunities to get a head start on what you want to do as a future career. For example, working at a tutoring center if you want to become a teacher, or working at a veterinarian’s office if you want to become a vet.

“Working at the Animal Wellness Center of Wesley Chapel has given me great overall working experience,” said Essie Ro, 12, “From working with animals to clients, it can be a little stressful but I’ve learned a lot.”

High school students are in need of part time jobs to earn money and gain experience. These are only a few options when applying, but there are many others such as AMC Highwoods, Panera, Chick Fil A and many more.

Nick Webb during his shift at McDonalds.