The Sophomore Five


Katie Matthews, Staff Writer

Freedom’s volleyball team this season has five sophomores starting on the varsity team. Jayla Butler, Hayden Wooldridge, Sara Solgot, Sol Martinez, and Charlotte Saxton have all earned their spot on varsity this year.

“I have probably improved the most in setting,” Butler said. “I’m glad I get to start in that position.”

Butler began playing volleyball in 5th grade because her mom and sister used to. She plans on playing volleyball in college, hopefully on a scholarship.

Sara Solgot loves the dynamics on the court and how the team gets excited after every point.

“My favorite feeling,” Solgot said, “is when I get the perfect pass during an important game.”

Solgot, like Butler, started playing when she was in 5th grade and is starting as a libero this year.

They have all accomplished making the varsity team in the second year of high school. “I’m proud of myself and all my teammates,” Wooldridge said. “I think we have played well so far this season, and I feel like we have all bonded. I’m really proud of how the team came together this year.”

Wooldridge, who is one of the starting hitters transferred from King IB for her sophomore year and felt that the volleyball team has really helped her meet new friends.

“Playing volleyball can be really hard sometimes,” Saxton said,  “but it’s worth it in the end and I’m glad to be part of this team.”