Meet Mr. Channels


Lance Etelkozi, Staff Writer

To some he may be just the copy guy, but Mr. Channels is the last remaining faculty member from the inaugural year at Freedom High School.

Mr. Channels runs all the copies in the school in addition teaching his class, customer service rep, for all 7 periods of the day. In addition to that, he is a co-sponsor for DECA and FBLA. He also provides service opportunities for his students throughout the year.

“It’s a busy schedule but I manage it because at the end of the day it’s a rewarding feeling to help students be set up for success,” Channels said.

Mr. Channels attended Alderson Broaddus College, a small college in West Virginia, and earned a Bachelor of the Arts in Business Management and a minor in broadcasting and journalism. He later received a secondary degree in teaching business.

Mr. Channels wasn’t initially a teacher, for the longest time he worked in retail. It was an ad looking for teachers and staff in Hillsborough County that he saw while fishing that drew him in.

 His mom was a teacher for 40 years and he loved working with kids, so Channels went for it.

He took some additional classes and 20 years later he is still doing it, and he enjoys every day of it.

“I’m so happy I saw that ad, I wouldn’t be who I am if not for my teaching experiences”

He also has a son who attends Freedom High School, Austin Channels, who is now a senior. Mr. Channels said the first two years were a little awkward and that Austin didn’t necessarily like it, but that it’s been great overall.

“I’m always happy to help him and being here makes it easier. It’s definitely been unique”

Altogether, Mr. Channels has been teaching for 20 years now, 17 of those at Freedom, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m proud of it, when many people jumped ship I stayed on through the good times and the bad, and I’m glad I did.”