It really doesn’t matter that Homecoming is in the cafeteria this year

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It really doesn’t matter that Homecoming is in the cafeteria this year

Anna Lamlein, Staff Writer

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This year, the student government has decided to relocate Homecoming to the school cafeteria. It is apparent the student body isn’t being very supportive or open to the idea.

But does it really matter?

In reality, I can barely remember any of the last three venues Homecoming has been held out. They all seemed the same and probably took a fat, unnecessary out of chunk the budget. As long as it’s in a dim room with some cool lights and big speakers, who is really admiring the architecture of the space?

Additionally, having Homecoming on campus seems to be a much more convenient and safer option. Many students attending Homecoming are new drivers who drive them and their friends to the venue. Driving a half hour home, or to the next destination, at 11 at night isn’t ideal. Now, a majority of kids won’t have to leave a few mile radius that night.

Previously, Homecoming tickets costed $45, but this year the students will be saving $15. They can use this money for dinner or a dress instead of having a nice hotel lobby to walk through.

The resistance from the student body is mostly because this luxury is being taken away now, while previous classes got to enjoy going off campus. However, many other schools and previous generations held dances in their gyms.

Even though Homecoming will be held in the Cafeteria, SGA advisor, Ms. Guida, has hired a professional decorator to get rid of the stale bread smell and sticky tables. It will really be fine.

After all, the most important dance, prom, is remaining off campus. In a few months, we can all cash out on Ubers and downtown dinners, but the Cafeteria is all we really need for Homecoming.


Anna is a senior at FHS. She is a member of the varsity tennis team and this is her second year as a member of the Revolution staff.