What Helps You Perform Better In School?

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What Helps You Perform Better In School?

Freshman Sol Martinez stresses over schoolwork.

Freshman Sol Martinez stresses over schoolwork.

Freshman Sol Martinez stresses over schoolwork.

Freshman Sol Martinez stresses over schoolwork.

Karli Del Giudice, Staff Writer

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Besides direct class content, which factors can boost students’ grades?

Not everyone likes to eat breakfast in the morning, but it may improve students’ ability to do well in school. Students who eat in the morning can agree that when they eat breakfast, they concentrate better during school compared to those who don’t eat in the morning. It improves test performance and provides a burst of energy.

“Eating in the morning helps me concentrate on any test that I have, which helps me score better,” said Sophomore Josh Lyons.

“When I eat in the morning, it makes me active throughout the day, and I can feel the difference after school during practice when I don’t eat or when I do,” stated Charlotte Saxton, 9.

The enforcement of a uniform may also affect performance in school. Many say their own clothes are much more comfortable than uniforms. Some students want to stand out in their appearance at school, rather than matching everyone else.

Freshman Lilly Kiester remarked, “When I had to wear uniforms at my old school, I wasn’t comfortable and just wanted to go home and change.”

“I didn’t like having to wear red, white, or blue every single day with khaki shorts. Everyone looked the same,” quoted Megan Lippus, 10.

A balance of homework reduces student stress, but how much is enough? The workload is especially pressing for students with schedules packed with extracurriculers.

“I have practice almost every day for 2 ½ hours and it’s hard to do homework in every class on the same days I have practice. I get really tired, and can’t focus after, and it stresses me out sometimes,” explained Sol Martinez, 9.

“I think we should only have homework in our core classes, but not every night. Teachers should give us time in class to finish,” noted Lauren Batcho, 10.  “In some classes I have to do two five-page packets a night.”

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What Helps You Perform Better In School?