Meet Ms. Amaro


Kevin Le, Staff Writer

Ms. Amaro has taught math at Freedom High for two years and enjoyed every minute of it. Amaro loves teaching, as it was what she wanted to do since high school.

Amaro was born in Alabama, but she moved to Tampa when she was 4 and grew up here. She attended Gaither High School and was a cheerleader there. She believes having a good high school experience is what drove her to want to be teacher.

She shared, “I had a really good experience in all my schools growing up, but I loved high school and I had the best math teachers.”

She treasures her time University of  Central Florida. Amaro always reps UCF in her classroom, whether it is through her embellished keyboard, posters or the huge UCF knight standing proudly.

“I loved it. It’s the best school ever – and we’re national champions now,” proclaimed Amaro.

“[Growing up,] I had a really good family and we lived in a good neighborhood, and I was kind of sheltered,” stated Amaro about her childhood.

An important experience in her life was the opportunity to go on a cruise to four different countries because it put her life was put into perspective.

“We were walking back to the ship with our group and the people from the island were begging me for my shoes, and I was literally about to throw them away,” explained Amaro. “I was taken out of my sheltered bubble and I realized how bad some people have it. It was the first time I realized how lucky we are.”

One of her crucial influences to become a teacher came before high school. Her 8th grade math teacher, Ms. Webster, sparked Amaro’s love for math.

“She was crazy, she would throw chalk at us, but it was out of love and she made everything really fun,” said Amaro.

“I think if you love a subject versus if you hate a subject is all dependent on what kind of teacher you have,” she claimed.

Amaro hopes to continue teaching at Freedom for the future. She strives to always support her students.

She advised, “So many times, kids are worried about fitting in or holding back what they want to say. Don’t be afraid to say what you feel and Just be yourself.”