Valentine’s Day Around Freedom

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Valentine’s Day Around Freedom

Anna Lamlein, Staff Writer

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some Freedom students are scrambling to find last minute plans, while others have accepted it as just another Wednesday. Generally, Valentine’s Day reminds people of candle lit dinners at expensive restaurants and roses given with dark chocolates. Unfortunately for many, celebrating this holiday on a Wednesday doesn’t quite fit their schedule.

For a vast majority of students, February 14th means working or going to practice.

Mackenzie Maddox, 11, said, “On Valentine’s Day, I have gymnastics practice. We practice five days a week no matter what.”

Similarly, Amara Yake, 11, complained, “I’m scheduled to work on Valentine’s Day, so it won’t be a very exciting day for me. At least tips will probably be good.”

With that in mind, reservations at restaurants fill up fast for Valentine’s Day, so calling ahead is crucial for smart planning.

Jared Klay, 12, shared his plan, “Me and my girlfriend are going to the beach on Valentine’s Day. It’ll be nice to watch the sunset.”

Not all Freedom students are lucky enough to go watch the sunset on a Wednesday, though. Even so, there is still something to be said about having a lowkey Valentine’s Day.

Andres Procel, 11, confessed, “I’m looking forward to the candy sales afterward.”

Along the same lines, Katie Matthews, 9, admitted, “I just plan to get some extra sleep.”

High school can be a tricky time when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and it seems most Freedom students have different ways of celebrating, or not celebrating, it. Whether discounted candy or a dreamy date is in the works, Valentine’s Day can be a nice way to take a break during the week.