Tutoring pays off


Cuyler Bliss, Staff Writer

For many students, now is the time where grades start to slip and so does
focus. Fortunately, Freedom offers a before school and after school tutoring program
included with some of our core class teachers and staff.

Third quarter has been a rough patch for freshman Dane Mobley. He started playing
baseball and other extracurricular activities and have let his grades drop a bit.

“I knew that if I reached out and tried to get study time in for the classes I’m
struggling with, I’d be doing a lot better. To be fair I wish I knew about this program
in the beginning of the school, Mobley said.

“One on One teaching is better than in class.”

Not only do students get to take advantage of it, but in-season athletes do as well.
Admin has now made a study period session after school where varsity
athletes are required to attend and work on anything school related.

“I actually do love that they added this. Playing two spring sports right now and trying to balance
out all the practices and work to be done is so much stress,” Karis Kraf (11) said.

“But knowing I have required time to do my schoolwork has taken so much off my shoulders.”

Freedom is helping out many students by allowing us to have time to work on
homework in designated times. It’s even more important that multiple teachers
help tutor us for no cost to the student.

“At the end of the day, I would want to use up my free time to help a student out if
they are truly struggling and need help rather than let them struggle alone,” Mrs. Rebecca Santamaria said.
“Adding onto that, many of our students that show up are ready to work and learn and their
attitudes help a lot.”