Freedom Market upgrades

Izzy Selvaggi, Staff Writer

The Freedom Market is where all the students come between classes. The ESE department
sells snacks and drinks on campus.

Most of the students in the department participate in helping with the market. They enjoy
the interactions with the other students as well. Rachel Trent is the teacher in charge of the
Freedom Market.

“We started it because we wanted to give the students with disabilities on campus a chance
to have something on campus that they could do that benefits all of the students and it
gives them something that you know, they can interact with other kids and get to see them
because, you know, who doesn’t want snacks, and then it also benefits us because we make
money for our class,” Mrs. Trent said.

The Freedom Market originated four years ago, but only selling coffee. The market now has
been upgraded to drinks and snacks to provide for everyone. The students in the class go
on field trips and buy items for the department with the money raised.

“We started the Freedom Market because we were approached about the issue that the
vending machines weren’t going to be on campus anymore. That provided an opportunity
for our department to open up the market and provide snacks and drinks for the school
while also helping us fundraise money for field trips and things like that,” Teacher Dane
Moore said.

The money raised from the market all goes to the ESE department. This allows them to do
more things with the students and give them new opportunities. They don’t only use the
money to benefit them, they also use it for making the school look nice.

“It has definitely helped our department. It’s given us a lot of money that we could use for
different things that the students can do on campus like field trips, different activities, but
we also use the money for beautification projects. We have started painting the bathrooms
and we are working on a little seating area, patio type thing for our for our hallway. So
there are many ways it’s really helpful,” Trent said.