Social media life!


Jhade Fresneda, Staff Writer

I do worry that my social media life could affect my future . In the corporate world or i’m trying to
farther my education.
I think that people should be careful how the expose themselves on social media. It shouldn’t be like
that but sadly it is . I always try to not post pictures or record videos of that might seem unprofessional
or could put my future in danger.
What people post on social medial shouldn’t be the reason why a corporate job or a college might
reconsider you. Our social media life is separate it’s how we can express ourselves. Shouldn’t be a place
we’re we feel we are walking on eggshells, because we have a job or a school on the line .

I can agree that certain post or videos are met to be posted. Can really damage yourself image . Like
for example famous basketball player Lebron James son Brony James , made a video of him smoking
marijuana. I thought it was very childish of him because the whole world knows him and dad for what he
has done for the NBA. The whole NBA was talking for weeks about how Lebron needs to put his son
under control he could possibly not get into UCLA . Those type of can most definitely hurt you . But a
picture you took in 2003 at a college Halloween party should not affect your life opportunities.

To conclude , Like I mentioned earlier we can’t change the system or process . But we could be more a
cautious of what we post on social media. It’s true that it’s our way of expressing ourselves but we can’t
let one picture of you playing beer pong in college get in the way of you being a VP of a company. It’s
sad we have to live with this fear but the best we can do now is just be aware and try our best to not
damage of image . Because your self image is everything for the public eye .