Gun Violence in our Schools


Fabrice Florin

Tam High Vigil for Parkland School Shooting

Sophia Malone, Staff Writer

As students we are taught from day one of school where to hide and what to do in case of school
shooting. But if this drill is so important and useful, why do many children and teens pass away
in school shootings, and what can we do to change these fatal outcomes?

Being couped up in a corner like a densely packed can of sardines will not protect us from being
injured or killed in a shooting.

Many schools have bi-monthly safety drills that include lockdown drills, fire drills, and
evacuation plans. In these lockdown drills students are told to gather in a cramped dark corner,
away from all windows and doors, stop talking, and silence our cell phones.

Many shootings that happen are done by people our age. Highschoolers are going into their
present and previous school with the knowledge of where students hide in their classrooms.
As previous students, they know where we hide, what we do, and when we leave. We will never
truly be safe with only one plan of action in a lockdown.

Shootings will never be 100% preventable, and neither will fights, bombings, and more. A
determined enemy will do anything to achieve their goal. So, banning guns, and taking away
weapons do not keep people safer.

What keeps our future children safe is new and improved security and lockdown drills. We need
to put funding towards metal detectors or metal detecting wands. Random searches need to be
conducted bi-monthly or more often, and we need to teach our kids to run, hide, and then fight.

We may only be teenagers, but being informed on safety, and being educated in our state’s laws
can help protect us. No matter who you are, you can make an impact, you can prevent a shooting.
When you recognize suspicious activity, tell an adult or someone of high authority.

One of the best ways to prevent shootings is to take part in voting and encourage others too once
you are old enough. Voting for the right people to represent our nation can keep future
generations safe.

High School students can make a difference in shootings, whether it is being more educated on
lockdown procedures, voting on school and gun laws, or knowing when something is suspicious
you can make a difference.