Variant Madness


Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

As we all know, new variants of Covid-19 have been emerging and people
have been panicking and getting worried about it getting really serious again.
There are currently more than a dozen variants being tracked but only a few
of them qualify as variants of concern and are fast-spread.
Just like the first coronavirus, the new Covid variants spread through direct
To avoid those new variants, we need to stick to to the same precautions that
we kept during the pandemic.
With that being said, students should make sure to wear a mask, have hand
sanitizer or sanitizing wipes, wipe down tables and school materials before
and after use, and avoid spending time indoors with people outside of family.
Students should also make an effort to avoid crowds, keep their distance,
wash their hands consistently, avoid touching their face, and stay home if
they’re experiencing any symptoms.

Alexandrea Sipley, a senior, is concerned about the new variants becoming as
dangerous and serious as the first outbreak of the coronavirus.
“I been hearing about new variants everyday and it concerns me because
people were being very careless the first tome around and that affected so
many people’s lives including my own and I don’t want that to happen again,”
Sipley, 12, said.
Another way to help reduce the risk of the new variants is getting the Covid-
19 vaccine because it helps you become more immune and less likely to
contract the original variant as well as the new variants of Covid-19.
Since this isn’t the first time this has happened in our world, we should know
better this time around and be extra careful and cautious in order to protect
our health and the health of others.