Big Steps Forward

Big Steps Forward

Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

Many students, especially juniors and seniors, tend to have a hard time figuring out what they want to do after graduation.

With the pressure of their graduation being close, Freedom High School should encourage more college campus visits and tours to help inspire their students and help them make better decisions.

Taking an actual tour around a college campus will allow students to get a different experience and different information that they cannot get from the college’s website.

Eva Tarkington, a junior, believes that college campus visits and tours should be hosted more often because they can help students get a better view and help them figure out whether the college that they’re visiting is a suitable environment for them or not.

“You don’t really know exactly how you feel about a place until you’ve been there physically and got to take in the experience. Campus tours will give you a way better idea of what the college environment is actually like and if you would be happy and comfortable there or not,” Tarkington said.

College tours also allow students to ask questions and meet with people that have prior experience at the college which can help them expand their knowledge and help them make a better decision.

Gael Sacaza, a senior, thinks that Freedom should provide more college campus visits because it can help students narrow down their list and help them pick the college that’s the right fit for them.

“College applications can be very stressful and going to a college physically and getting to meet students there with first-hand knowledge can help students, especially seniors, figure out how the college environment makes them feel and whether it’s a good decision for them to apply at that college or not,” Sacaza said.