Going on a Trip

Going on a Trip

Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

Field trips are one of the best tools that schools can provide for their students to give them real-world experiences and allow them to learn things using different skills and senses, however, Freedom High School does not provide its students with that.

It would be beneficial for students to go on field trips every once in a while with their classes such as local libraries, museums, college campuses, theaters, community parks, and aquariums. In that way, students get to participate and experience different understandings of the materials they’re learning
outside of their classrooms.

Alexandrea Sipley, a senior, thinks that more field trips can help enrich students’ knowledge and show them better understandings of real life things that they can experience beyond the walls of their classrooms.

“We don’t really get field trips which is not good because going to actual places and getting to see and participate in things that you can’t do at school or in class can help students understand things better from a different aspect and become more educated,” Sipley said.

Field trips can also be very beneficial especially for students that struggle with traditional learning because it gives those students the opportunity to engage with content in many different way which can help them feel more confident and smart when they return to school.

Luke Tarkington, a senior, states that field trips can help students that struggle with traditional learning by putting them in environments that help them feel more involved and engaged and therefore help them learn better and easier.

“Everyone has a different way of thinking and some people struggle to learn in a traditional way. That does not mean that they’re incapable or unintelligent, but may learn better in different environments. This is why I think that school trips are beneficial because it can help students explore a new way of learning and being involved,” Tarkington said.