Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper

Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

There are many students that are interested in subjects and different activities that Freedom High School doesn’t provide any classes or programs for.

The electives that Freedom provides are very basic and common and aren’t diverse and for that reason, our school needs to provide a greater variety of electives to provide students with an opportunity to discover new areas and activities that they have not necessarily been exposed to or taught a lot about.

That could help students discover new strengths that they have and new interests that could help them in their career in the future. Some example of electives that unique and interesting are fashion, robotics, and cosmetology.

Gael Sacaza, 12, says that it’s important to have diversity in electives to help provide growth for students that have talents and could encourage students to strengthen their skills and values.

“Our school should provide a wider variety of electives because every student has different talents and interests. It will be beneficial because it would allow students to engage in an activity they feel comfortable in and can provide them an opportunity to advance,” Sacaza said.

Providing more diverse electives can help students grow in subjects and activities that they are already interested in and provide them with the right information to help them move closer towards their goal and get stronger and more focused; however, they could also help reveal skills in some students that have not necessarily been obvious to them or to people around them.

Barjees Ali, 9, thinks that having unique electives can help you discover new things that you might be good at that you haven’t gotten the chance to learn about deeply before and can help you become better in subjects that you already have an interest in.

“I have always been interested in fashion but I never really paid a lot of attention to it because I knew that if I wanted to get better at it I’d have to wait until I leave high school to learn about it because our high school doesn’t provide classes that could help me grow in it even though I heard about fashion programs in other high schools,” Ali said.

“That’s why unique electives like fashion design and medical programs and stuff like that can help students find themselves in different things that they haven’t gotten the chance to try out before and also help students become better and expand their knowledge at things they already like.”