How to balance grades while playing high school sports


Cuyler Bliss, Staff Writer

During my freshman year of high school, I took on personally the challenge of playing four varsity sports over the entire schoolyear. In the winter I played soccer and swim, and spring I played softball and flag football. Two sports overlapped in both seasons which caused a lot of issues, but with the help of my teachers and time management I passed with straight A’s and lettered in each sport.

Not only did I play four high school sports. I also managed to play travel softball on top of all honors classes and an AP class. With all of that I also had a life so here’s how I managed to stay afloat and not drown in stress.

I’ve found that working every spare moment makes a difference in completing work. I would do homework before or after games for all sports. I would go and work on schoolwork during pre-game meals and ask questions to upperclassman if I was stuck, it was very important to try and not cram all work till 3am and work on it in the spare moments.

The goal of high school for some students is to make the best memories and try and live it up with your friends. My goal and still is to complete as many accomplishments as possible and have the best time. But school comes before any sport – After all we all are students first, then athletes.

I see that everyone wants the high school “jock” idea, but the maintenance of grades and future always comes first.