Level Up


Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

Computers and electronics are very important because they help improve students skills and education and make it easier for students to learn and get their assignments done especially since the outbreak of the pandemic.

And for that reason, Freedom needs to work on improving their computers and electronics to help provide students with what they need to get their assignments done more efficiently.

Nirali Patel, a senior, thinks that the computers provided by the school do more harm than good when it comes to finishing assignments due to its speed and performance.

“The computers take forever to load and teachers expect work to be done with our work but how can we get it done if the computers are very slow?” Patel said.

A lot of students struggle with getting work done on the school computers because they aren’t of a good quality and are very slow and end up holding them back instead of helping students get their work done.

Luke Tarkington, 12, talks about how the school’s computers affect his ability to get his work done.

“It can be hard to get work done sometimes because the laptops we have right now run slowly and don’t load software well,” Tarkington said.

Some teachers also agree that the computer need to be more up to date because it affects them as well.

Dan Sidwell, a teacher, thinks that the quality if the computers don’t only affect students, but teachers as well.

“The computers make it harder for both students and teachers to get their work done on time because the computers are pretty old and have been used for years,” Sidwell said.