Open Vending Machines


Hares Ibrahim, Staff Writer

Countless students have spoken out about vending machines being closed for the majority of the school day, and they are not happy about it.

Students should not have to worry about hunger in the middle of their class because staff decides to close the vending machines after lunch. Vending machines should be open in between classes in case someone is hungry and needs to get a snack before class.

“I really wish the vending machines would stay open past 12 o clock.” Evan Wilson said. “That is normally the time when I get hungry.”

Early Lunchtime
It does not make any sense for vending machines to be open only during lunchtime. First, lunch time is held between 10 and 11 am, which is a little after breakfast time for most people. Some people eat before school and are not hungry during lunch.

“I have a huge breakfast before I go to school, I don’t even eat at lunch because it is so early. Then later when I get hungry, I cannot eat anything because the vending machines are closed,” Mahmoud Hasan said.

Some students do not even eat at lunch because of the early times lunch is held, so later in the day would be a good time for vending machines to be open so people can eat and be more focused in class.

Set Certain Times
It is understandable why the vending machines are closed during the day. Sometimes it could be a distraction and cause some students to overuse it. That is why staff should set certain times for when the vending machines open and closed. Even though some students may be reckless in the use of vending machines, other students may be hungry and want something to eat.

“I get it, some students do not make smart decisions,” Najdat Katicha said. “I am just trying to get some food before class so I don’t get a stomach ache though.”