Favorite Freedom Moments


Hayley Scalabrin, Staff Writer

The students at Freedom High School are preparing for summer vacation in just a couple of weeks. As they prepare, they reflect on their favorite memories of this school year.

Will Shea, 12, graduates this year and says he will miss all of his friends that are going to different colleges. Shea’s favorite thing about Freedom is seeing his friends every day.

“I will miss Mr. Tillman and Mr. Jones. My favorite class was AP biology because I find biology interesting and I liked the teacher. My favorite memory at Freedom was going to Busch Gardens for Grad Nite with my friends,” Shea, 12, remarks.

Kyla Hoffbauer, 12, says her favorite thing about Freedom is its dedication to school spirit. Hoffbauer’s favorite class this year was Economics because the material was interesting, and Mr. Tillman is an amazing teacher.

“I am going to miss all of my teachers though probably Sidwell the most, because I’ve been in his classes the longest and I have loved working on yearbook with him. He has given me a lot of good advice and pointers and really helped me lead the yearbook well,” says Hoffbauer, 12.

Jake Scalabrin, 10, says he will not miss anyone this year because he has not been in school and is happy the year is over. Scalabrin will continue with AP Research next year, which is the second part of the Capstone program.

“I really wish I was more successful at E-learning, that would have made this year easier for me. My favorite class this year was AP Seminar because it was honestly the only class I enjoyed,” Scalabrin, 10, says.

Nirali Patel, 11, says her favorite memory from this year was being able to come back to school and see all her friends.

“I will miss my best friend Gabe because he is graduating. My favorite class was history because it was so funny and just an amazing class. My favorite thing about Freedom is the people because they can be pretty funny sometimes,” explains Patel, 11.