Dress code is dumb


Michelle Morgan, Staff Writer

Most high school students have come to the consensus that dress codes are dumb, are restricting, and should be changed, if had at all. But are dress codes really that bad? What are the downfalls, and why do some schools enforce them?\

Dress codes that require students to have the same clothing are usually enforced to create unity among a student body. If everyone wears the same uniform, nobody can really feel left out, and it helps some students to feel like they fit in more. However, it can take away the individuality of students, leaving them to try and express themselves in different ways; some may try and use accessories, but many schools say that this is against the rules.

Other types of dress codes, like the one at Freedom, do not require a uniform, but merely enforce the district or county dress code. This usually includes no tank tops for both boys and girls, as well as fingertip length or longer shorts and no spaghetti straps for girls, among other things. This is generally a pretty relaxed set of restrictions, but over the past few years especially, it has begun to get some backlash, saying that it is not fair.

Especially living in a warmer climate state like Florida, it is hard to want to wear long pants and a shirt other than a tank top, but the dress code employed is really seeking to make sure that students are wearing appropriate clothing for a school setting. In general, the dress codes enforced by the district, county, and school should be open to changing some of their policies but also keep to their guidelines of ensuring appropriate dress in a school setting.