The Major Success of “Lupin”


Keshav Madhavan, Staff Writer

As Netflix closes the year off with tons of memorable titles, users are anticipating the next wave of originals to hit the platform. Anticipation is higher than normal as COVID has families in front of their TVs significantly more often. Netflix managed to deliver with a bunch of Netflix Originals that catered to multiple audiences. One of the standouts was a show named Lupin.

The name “Lupin” has been a very popular name in France, essentially being the equivalent of Sherlock Holmes in America. Lupin has taken forms in many movies and TV shows with most gaining heavy traction. Although many were skeptical when it was releasing globally and trying to reach an audience in America. Lupin delivered much higher than expecting, being the most popular show in the world for that month while also beating multiple records for Netflix.

Netflix follows a master con artist attempting to pull of grand heists in some of the most absurd ways possible. His mission began the day his father was framed for theft from the family he trusted and worked for. Lupin, the con artist, became further hardened on his mission as his father was hanged in jail due to many internal pressures in the prison.

The setting is very refreshing as it takes place in France, highlighting its various cultural differences and ways of life. Taking place in modern day times, the music is able to perfectly captivate the essence of Lupin’s actions while giving off a “France vibe.”

The show, being of French origin, was shot in French which confused a great deal of the American audience. Netflix opted to deliver the English dubbed version for the American audience making the lip syncing off significantly. Although to those that don’t mind, switching to French with English subtitles resolves the issue and more vividly fits the tone.

The show ends on a cliff hanger with a second part scheduled for mid-2021. As the episode was only able to deliver 5 episodes, most of the viewers are left wanting more. The shows major success shows that foreign films can do well in America which may signal more to come.