Coffee Addicts


Katie Matthews, Editor in Chief

You either love it or you hate it, yet 65% of Americans drink coffee daily. With such a wide variety from black coffee to lattes to cold brews to Frappuccino’s, there is something for everyone.

“I drink coffee once a day sometimes even twice a day,” Nelson Rivera, 12, continued, ” I will either make it at home or I will go to Starbucks get a venti cold brew with almond milk and five pumps of white mocha.”

Starbucks makes some of the most extravagant drinks with all their different flavored syrups and methods of making coffee, allowing people to order almost anything they can think of.

“I drink coffee pretty much everyday, my go to drink is a venti cold brew with hazelnut and cinnamon dolce with sweet cream foam from Starbucks,” Hayden Wooldridge, 12, said.

Not everyone drinks as much coffee as Rivera and Wooldridge do, ” I get coffee around three times a week, it wakes me up and I love having it before school,” Britney Chen, 12, explained. Chen’s go to drink, if she isn’t getting a chai latte, is an iced coffee with caramel from Dunkin Donuts.

Freedom is filled with coffee drinkers, nearly every day you see multiple students with Starbucks or Dunkin cups walking into their first period. Coffee tends to wake people up and make them more attentive, things that seem essential for teenagers waking up at 7am going into classes.

Although coffee is not for everyone, “I drink coffee twice a year, it is not my favorite thing but when I do get it I make sure it is as sweet as possible,” Jayla Butler, 12, explained.

Jack Stone, 12, would rather drink anything other than coffee, “Coffee is bitter and gross, I do not understand how people drink that everyday.”