Has Anything Changed


Katie Matthews, Editor in Chief

In 2016, staff writer Aiden Boggs wrote about the eight changes he would like to see at Freedom. Lets see how much we improved.

1)The division of students:

The inevitable divide. You can try to deny it but it is everywhere, you see it in the hallways, in the lunchroom, and in the classrooms. Whether it is ethnic groups or different clicks, we have divided our school into groups. This separation only hurts the sense of community on our campus. This problem seems unavoidable since it is not the fault of anyone and it makes sense to surround yourself with people you are similar with. Yet the problem still lies, many people do not feel welcome on our campus and something needs to change.


2)Disrespect of the school campus:

There have been a few attempts to improve the condition of our campus, through campus cleanups and the art classes painting our bathrooms. Although when you leave the lunchroom all you see is scattered cardboard trays and juice packets marking the ground. When you go to the bathroom you expect graffiti on the walls and the soap dispenser on the floor. Everyone should take pride in our campus, from faculty to students. If there is trash on the ground or on the lunch tables throw it away, I promise you there is a trashcan ten steps away. If you are one of the people who complain about the lack of cleanliness in the school or how it looks “ugly”, then make an effort to change it.


3)School spirit:

I hear it every year. The stands are empty at our football games, nobody dressed up for spirit week, our pep rallies are lame. Do not get me wrong we do have glimmers of hope, sometimes the student section is packed and sometimes everyone is wearing a beat Wharton shirt on campus, but the reality is that our spirit is incredibly inconsistent. I do put some blame on to SGA because for the past four years I have not seen one idea being created and I have not see any attempts to better our school community. Although it does start with the students, if you are unhappy with the lack of spirit then get a group and go to sports games or go all out during spirit week, you have to make the change.



Attendance is still not our strong spot. Students should want to come to school and be around their friends all day in a good environment. Though this is not the case at Freedom and while it is the students fault for not showing up to school it is also the teachers fault for not making them want to be in school. Teachers should be welcoming and friendly, they are there to help us students grow not make us want to skip class.


5)Teacher investment: 

This is our biggest issue as a school in my opinion. You have the privilege to inspire the minds of the next generation, you are teaching the soon to be lawyers and scientists. The greatest trait of a teacher is passion, a passion for their students achievements, a passion for the subject they love, a passion to teach and inspire. Yet this is the most limited trait I see in teachers. Too many times I have been sitting in a classroom blankly starring at a power point, mindlessly taking notes and then getting assigned hours of homework, where I have to struggle to teach myself the material. This is not how it should be, lessons should be interactive and intriguing, students should be excited to go to your class and learn.


6)All sports deserve credit:

Did you know that our girls swim team placed second at districts and that four of those girls ranked at states? Or that last year one of our boy golfers placed 14th in the state? Didn’t think so. We have incredible sports teams at Freedom, yet all I hear about is our loosing football team. Every sport should be recognized for their achievements, from cross country to tennis to volleyball. Also football games are not the only sports events you can attend, go to a soccer game or even a hockey game, trust me it is worth it.


7)Parking lot problems:

While the parking prices have not changed, I have heard less complaints about them. Although the parking lot after school is a disaster if you leave at 7th period. Parents pile in line while students are trying to leave school as fast as possible, causing unnecessary traffic. It is chaotic trying to weave in and out of cars in a flooded parking lot.Yet there is not much you can change since that is the way our school was built.


8)Free the knees:

Florida’s average temperature per year is 84 degrees and do not even get me started on the humidity. Trying to follow the dress code while also not sweating to death, is difficult. Girls can wear jeans, which is one of the worst things to wear in the heat, or they can wear leggings, but you must wear a shirt that covers your butt, or shorts, oh wait you cannot wear those. I understand the purpose of dress code and yes there should be some sort of restrictions but we should be allowed to wear athletic shorts while we are living in one of the hottest states in the country.


So Aiden not much has changed these past four years. Although we always have room for improvement and most of these issues come hand in hand, so if we all work towards the same goal its possible.