What’s Happening to our Senior Year?


Seniors Britney Chen and Allie Freihofer attending homecoming last year.

Katie Matthews, Staff Writer

Students this year have lost a lot of events due to Covid-19, especially the seniors. Becoming a senior comes with many perks: sitting at the senior lunch table, celebrating your last games during senior nights, going to Grad Bash, and making memories at prom, homecoming, and graduation. Although this year has been very different.

“We had a lot of our privilege’s taken away like our last homecoming and running the student section at football games,” explained Gabe Pollard, 12, “and the rest of our senior events are all up in the air.”

The audience for all sports games had to be limited because of Covid restrictions. Students and parents have to purchase tickets online before the game and seating is spaced out. Consequently, seniors have less of a celebration for their last games and its more difficult for all their family and friends to support them.

“Homecoming was cancelled, and it looks like we are going to lose the end of the year events as well,” Britney Chen, 12, continued, “It is really sad because we don’t get the senior traditions and everyone online is missing out even more .”

Around half of the senior class is currently online for school. Not only are they missing out on the events but also the small memories students create during school. They do not get to enjoy the classes with their friends or make tons of inside jokes during lunch. No one imagined they would be half way through their last year of high school learning through a computer screen.

Nelson Rivera,12,  added, “this year is supposed to be about celebration, growing, and change and we’re not getting the experience we have been looking forward to our whole lives.”

There are a lot of differences compared to this year and previous years, and while seniors might not be getting all the past traditions, SGA and the Senior Class Council are doing their best to make alternatives.