From a Senior to an Underclassmen


Katie Matthews, Editor in Chief

After 3 long years at Freedom you learn a lot about what to do and what not to do. Heres some of my advice


Join as many clubs as your interested in as a freshmen or a sophomore. You make connections with the people and the teachers involved. Also you get to participate in several events such as Freedom Fest, Relay for Life, Campus Clean up, and other service opportunities. If you are in a club for multiple years, you have a better chance at becoming an officer as a junior or senior.


Joining a sport is one of the best things you can do as a freshman not only do you meet tons of new people and make lasting connections but you also get to become better at the sport. Even if you’re not great starting as a freshmen will help you improve. You will make so many memories from practices and the car rides to games, trust me its worth it. Join as many as you can.


They may seem scary but I promise they’re not. As long as you put in the effort and submit most of your work getting a B or A is not to hard. Even if you don’t pass the exams you learned a lot more and it will still be impressive to colleges. AP Human, AP Psychology, AP U.S. Government, BC CALCULUS, and AP Micro/Macro Economics are some of my favorites and are all beneficial classes to take.


Talk to the kid you sit next to in your math class, you’re both going to be here for another three years. I have met some of my favorite people by just starting a conversation. The friends you have your freshmen year are most likely gonna change by the time you’re a senior. Make those connections early get to know everyone you’re around.


Please, please, please start to study for your SAT/ ACT a few months before you take it. You cannot just wing it, I promise you I have tried. Even if its in small ways just begin preparing early so you don’t cry about your score when you get it. This also goes for your Common App, start it half way through your junior year or over summer going into your senior year. It becomes increasingly stressful when you have tons of work and 20 supplemental essays to write.

My last piece of advice is to enjoy it. Enjoy the arguments at your lunch table, crying after you failed a test, meeting up with your friends in the hallways, making inside jokes during class, standing under the staircase in the morning, walking out to your cars when school ends, the funny teachers, your favorite classes. You only have four years, you better make it fun.