First Week of School: Online


Katie Matthews, Editor In Chief

Starting of my senior year online was not the way I envisioned it. I do not get to see my favorite teachers every day or sit at the sacred senior table during lunch. There have been a lot of changes this year from having the option to go online to transitioning our learning platform to Canvas.

Most of my teachers are fairly new to Canvas and they are still trying to figure everything out, because of this attendance, zoom meetings, and assignments are all in different areas. Some classes have zoom meetings every day and others only assign work; it is hard to keep up with everything when they are all so different. By being online I also miss out on being in the classroom and walking with my friends during passing periods.

On the other hand, sleeping in and working on my own time is refreshing. I have the ability to get all my assignments done in the morning, giving me the opportunity to work on college applications or finish the remaining work for the week. I can also attend classes in the comfort of my bed, and I do not have to wait for lunch to eat.

While I do miss making memories with my friends in the hallways and being in person with my teachers, E-learning is a nice break from the stress of school. The first few weeks of school have been a little confusing, but I am sure that when the teachers and students get the hang of it everything will be much easier.