¿Sabes un lenguaje segundo? 

Michelle Morgan, Staff Writer

   Hello! İHola! BonjourCiao! Do you know a second language? Learning a second language has proven to be beneficial to everyone in many ways: college admissions, future jobs, and having an improved memory. It may be a little tricky at first but being taught a second language could help you in the future. 

   Have you ever had trouble focusing in class, or on a homework assignment? Believe it or not, learning a second language may help increase your attention span and overall cognitive ability- relating to perception, memory, judgmentand reasoning. It also drives you to make more reason-based decisions. Most people tend to think with less emotion when using their second or third language rather than their native one, and this helps you make better decisions driven by reason. 

   Knowing another language is also required by some colleges and universities. Schools like Harvard, Standford, and Georgia Tech require more than two years of foreign language and even recommend more than that. Having more experience in foreign language may help you gain admittance into your dream schools. 

    Being bilingual not only helps with your mental ability and gives you increased admission chances into certain colleges and universities but is required or recommended for jobs that you may want to pursue in the future. Professions such as working as a flight attendant or for a travel agency may specifically look for people who know multiple languages to employ. If you happen to not speak another language, you may lose job opportunities. 

   Learning a second language doesn’t have to be hard, either. Many apps have been made so that you can download them and practice a new language of your choice every day. For example, DuolingoMemrise, and HelloTalk are free apps for you to use to learn a second language. Once you feel like you can, you can watch a movie, tv-show, or listen to a podcast in the language of your choice to become better at listening to that language. So, get learning!