N is for Newspaper


Sofia Rao, Staff Writer


A lifestyle. 

A course for champions. 

 Our 5th period class can be described with many namesand to best describe this course I decided to create an acrostic poem. 

This poem will not only describe what it means to be a staff writer, but further explain why every student at Freedom High School should consider joining The Revolution. 


 N– ‘n’ is narrator. We use the word narrator because every student who enrolled in this programs finds themselves faced with the task of narrating the world around them. Although our writers may not be as well known as Morgan Freeman, they take on they responsibility of narrating the lives of the students and the stories that fill these halls. 

E– ‘e’ is for eager. We use the word eager because each of our staff writers approach their stories with a kind of passion that is unique to this class. Our eagerness can be found in every laugh shared and every story that we type. 

W– ‘w’ is for writing. We use the word writing for reasons that are obvious. Yet, our writing doesn’t include the lengthy paragraphs that put students to sleep. Our newspaper produces writing that is filled with the voices of the students and it’s composed of the passion found in each author. This writing includes bad jokes and interesting topics, and this is the kind of writing that everyone should participate in. 

S– ‘s’ is for sun. We use the word sun instead of the obvious word like “stories” or “super” because it’s own unique way this class is like the sun. Just like rays of sun on a shady day, our newspaper provides light for the students. This paper provides students with an outlet for their emotions, a place to share jokes with their peers, and  a way to express themselves.  Every staff member recognizes the feeling of writing a piece that expresses their voice so perfectly or capturing a picture that shows a person likeness so well; and in this way, Newspaper provides the light and warmth in our lives like the sun. 

P– ‘p’ is for peers. We use the word peers because that is really what makes this class. Our peers are there next to us through all the writing, the endless jokes, the fun field trips, and crazy interviews. Your peers watch you become better writers and better people and you watch your class mates become your friend. 

A – ‘a’ is for action. We use the word action because our days aren’t spent with boring lectures and lessons without substance. Our staff is constantly in action and we spend our time to trying to capture what’s really happening around us. Although this isn’t the easiest task, our writers dedicate themselves to staying in action and capturing the lives of the students. 

P ‘p’ is for personality. We use the word personality, although it may seem a bit redundant, because that was is what this class is made of. Every staff writer has a different story, a different perspective, and a different way of writing. Yet, we put that all aside and turn our 5th period into not just a class, but a composition of all our personalities. 

E – ‘e’ is for enlightening. We use the word enlightening because the feeling you get when you’re able to witness the quiet classmate find their voice or composing a story on a topic that’s important to people is nothing short of enlightening. In newspaper we have the ability to turn an ordinary group of kids into a passionate article, and there is no enlightenment greater than that. 

R– ‘r’ is for real. We use the word real because in Newspaper we make abstract quotes into real stories. We document just how very real our students are and we demonstrate how much depth Freedom High School has. The good memories we form in the class are composed of laughs, fun times, authentic stories, and students in their truest form. It is for that reason that students should really consider joining Newspaper.