The Effects of Absent Teachers


Rachel Rosser, Staff Writer

Some students are often absent which causes issues within the classroom, and just like students, teachers are not always present. When students walk into a classroom with a substitute teacher, they automatically think they won’t have to pay attention.
When teachers are absent, students miss out on a day of learning and it gives them time to forget everything they previously learned. Especially in a case where the teacher is absent for more than one day. Not only that, but a student’s daily routine is broken when there is a temporary replacement.
For example, this year I’ve had substitutes for multiple classes. Math is the hardest because you learn something you need to use for the next lesson, and if the lesson is put up on the board without being explained, it is much harder to understand than if the teacher was there.
Even if just given a worksheet students can’t ask for help because the substitute doesn’t specialize in that subject. We miss an interactive day with the teacher, which is a lot more helpful than a worksheet and instructions. When there is a sub its more likely that students will play around making it a harder environment for kids that are actually trying to get their work done.
Although a sub every now and then can be fun, when a teacher is absent too often or for a long period of time, it can take away from a student’s learning. For the benefit of a student’s education it is better when teachers are consistently at school rather than having substitutes cover for them.