School lunch favorites


Sofia Rao, Staff Writer

Every high school student looks forward to the commotion of the cafeteria during lunch time.

Countless hours are spent laughing over the tables with your friends but even the closest lunch table can be torn apart by the debate of which school lunch is the best.

Freedom High School provides a variety of different lunches so every student has a lunch that they can look forward to.

However, there is still a dispute over which school lunch is the best.

The salad line is a favorite among the students because it gives them the ability to customize their meal.

“ I really like the salads,” Keshav Madhavan (11) explained, “ I get an opportunity to add whatever I want.”

Although, many of the students prefer the hot meals the cafeteria prepares instead. The popcorn chicken bowl is infamous among the students and faculty here at Freedom. It is one of the most popular meals and many kids look forward to it.

“ The popcorn chicken bowl is literally something I look forward to every month,” Haley Rives (11) said.

Many of the students choose a safer option and get the pizza. The cafeteria’s pizza is an easy choice for students who don’t want to venture out to dishes they’ve never tried.

“I like the pizza,” Matthew Wilson (11) said,  It’s my go-to and always an easy choice when I’m at the lunch line.”

There will always be a debate over which school lunch is best. The question of which cafeteria meal is the greatest might always stay unanswered.