Red, White and New – school spirit is on the rise at FHS


Katie Matthews, Editor-in-chief

Freedom High School has over 1,800 students and well over 100 teachers. The past few years our school has struggled with spirit and pride.

This year, there is a noticeable difference. More people are attending sporting events and participating in school events.

The day of the Freedom v. Wharton game, knows as “The Battle of Bruce B. Downs,”  a large portion of the school wore “Red Riot,” “Beat Wharton” and Freedom shirts and school colors in general. Everyone was talking about who is going to the game and if we were going continue our winning streak. This is a huge improvement from last year, where it was rare to see any type of pride throughout the school.

Students are already discussing our homecoming spirit week. All the talk is about what to wear on Greek Day and how students are going all out for Freedom Day. It’s refreshing to see everyone looking forward to going to the homecoming game and representing our school.  This is in stark comparison to the last few years during spirit week where only small groups of the school were involved and even cared about the week.

Our school spirit still has room for improvement but it has gotten better. SGA and other clubs like the Spirit Club are making an attempt to get everyone to participate in school events and attend the football games. They have offered face painting before games and started to create themes like a red out, to get more people excited.

Hopefully this continues and causes the following classes to create more of a community on campus and represent Freedom with pride.