We all scream for ice cream


Katie Matthews, Staff Writer

From breakups to summer nights, ice cream is always a go to. There are plenty of local places offering a variety of types and flavors.

Cold Stone is one of the more well known businesses and a common hang out for friends. They’re known for some of their signature creations that feature a variety of mix-ins and they sell cakes, smoothies, and milkshakes. The employees always welcome customers with songs and provide a good experience.

Another popular location is, Twistee Treat. They are known for selling soft served ice cream. It is very convenient because of the drive through and speed but they also provide seating if friends want to sit down.

While these companies are the most well known among teenagers, there are many other ice cream stores such as Snow Rolls. They create a unique twist on the concept of normal ice cream and roll it instead of scooping it.

Ice cream is perfect for nearly every situation and is a fun thing to do when hanging with friends. There are many great places that offer different options in the neighborhood from Twistee Treat to Cold Stone there’s a place for any occasion.