Electives you need to take

Katie Matthews, Staff Writer

   Students are constantly wondering what electives to take, whether it be to fill spots in their schedules or to look better for colleges. Freedom offers a huge variety of classes to take from art to barbering to veterinary assistance.
   There are three different languages offered at Freedom: Spanish, French, and Latin. All of these languages not only help students with their knowledge of cultures and communication skills, but they also appeal to colleges.
   Additionally, there are a variety of art classes from 2D art to AP Art History. These are great sources of creativity and provide a new environment at school, while still learning important information. The art classes may also provide opportunities for students attempting to find something they’re interested in or an outlet from regular classes.
   Journalism can be a very beneficial class and looks great on college applications by showing the student is involved in school activities. In this class, there is the option between yearbook for students who like to take pictures and want to be involved with their legacy, and newspaper, great for learning writing skills and sharing opinions or events around school.
   Student Government Association, SGA, provides another opportunity to become involved around campus and appear well rounded to colleges. To get into this class there are certain requirements and students have to complete an interview.
   These are only a few of the countless electives that Freedom offers to broaden students interest and provide ways to become involved in their own school.