Omar Apollo performs in Ybor

Josie Clark, Staff Writer

   On Friday, April 19th, Omar Apollo played 12 live songs at the Crow Bar in Ybor City.  Role Model, who opened for him, also played a few songs while guests waited.
   The music is indie alternative, so the crowd was small and with an age range of around 17 to mid 20 year olds. However, the live music sounded just like his recorded albums, which is always a plus when seeing someone in concert.
   Although the venue was a bar, it was open for all ages and they didn’t serve alcohol to minors. The venue really fit the vibe, it was dark and crowded, but the lights on the stage lit up the room and the faces of the crowd.
  People were dancing and Apollo was so interactive with the crowd. He high fived hands, accepted bracelets, and took pictures with fans. When the concert was over, he even joined the crowd to dance and interact more with fans.
   Overall, the vibe of the concert was fun and lowkey, the music was sweet and he performed really well.