Grad Bash 2019 recap

Lara McKeown, Staff Writer

   Grad Bash is one of the many fun events seniors look forward to at the end of the year. Students from multiple high schools stay at Universal Studios in Orlando overnight and have the freedom to ride the rides in both parks.
    “I had a lot of fun at Grad Bash. It was definitely worth the money,” Amara Yake said, “I wish we got to stay there longer because we didn’t have enough time to ride the Incredible Hulk rollercoaster.”
   However, some people argue that Grad Bash wasn’t worth the $130 price tag. “I had a good time being with my friends, but I don’t think it was worth the cost considering we still had to pay for food and Butter Beer, which isn’t cheap either,” Jason Hall said.
   Although the park is shut down to the public, the amount of seniors attending from around the state ends up crowding the rides.
   “We waited in line for two hours for Rip Ride Rockit and my music didn’t work,” Bethany Green said, “But the employees were nice enough to let us go on again.”
   For some people, the only problem was that they wanted to be able to spend even more time at Universal.
   In the end, Grad Bash is a fun opportunity for seniors to make memories with their friends before they graduate.
   “I enjoyed getting to be with my friends at Universal,” Alice Bravo said. “It was a good way to start wrapping up our last year together.”