Students should be allowed to leave for lunch

Josie Clark, Staff Writer

   School lunch room: gross, loud, food being served from hours ago. Chick Fil A: Good, warm, and less than five miles from your current location. Due to the fact upperclassmen students can drive, they should be allowed to leave for lunch as long as they are back before the bell.  

  Students who can drive and are responsible enough to get food and make it back to school safely should be allowed the option to get a quick, off campus lunch. All they really want is good food. 

   The issue with Freedom High School and their administration is that it is not an open campus. If a student gets in an accident while they’re supposed to be on campus, the school is responsible and could get sued.  

   This problem could easily be solved by having students and parents sign a form at the beginning of the year, and selling approved students a special car tag. Many students would take the opportunity to leave for lunch, the school could make a lot of money, and it would be easy to identify students who are allowed to leave with their tag.  

   Freedom could even make it a senior privilege, so that students value the opportunity more. It would also decrease the amount of ISS punishments. It is unreasonable to have students miss an entire day of school just because they missed lunch, which isn’t even missing a class.  

   Upperclassman are almost, and in some cases are, adults and should at least have the simple right of eating out for lunch. If a student is responsible enough to have a license and a car, why aren’t they responsible enough to leave campus?