Captain Will Armstrong

Katie Matthews, Staff Writer

William Armstrong is a junior at Freedom and one of the captains of the lacrosse team. He has been playing lacrosse for over six years as a midfielder and he played football when he was younger.

“I chose lacrosse over football because it’s a very physical sport and I’ve made a lot of good friends,” said Armstrong. He is going into his third year playing for Freedom and hopes to get more wins this year as a team.

“I’ve always played midfielder because I like the running involved and the opportunity to score,” said Armstrong.

He starts as a midfielder and is one of the three junior captains.

“My role as a captain is to keep the team in line and motivate players, especially the newer kids,” explained Armstrong.

He is one of the 5 captains chosen by Coach Chuck Graves to represent and encourage the team. Captains are given the job to work together so they can organize warmups and keep the players in check during practice.

Armstrong hopes this season to beat Wharton, their rival, and personally to score 20 goals and 25 assists throughout the year.

“Will is driven player, a natural leader, explained Coach Graves. “He truly cares about the team.”