Birdbox, is it worth the hype?

Katherine Matthews, Staff Writer

Social media has recently been raving about the new Netflix original movie, Birdbox. People of all ages have been calling this sci-fi thriller a must watch movie, but is it really?

Birdbox has the potential of being great with suspense and thrill however, it disappoints nearly every time.

The scenes frequently cut from when the “wind” started to when Mallory (Sandra Bullock) is on the river with girl and boy, this is a great cinematic technique but, only when it’s used correctly.

The constant changing in scenes and subtle foreshadowing contributes to the problems of this film.

Usually questions can intrigue viewers and create more suspense, but the ones in Birdbox did not have the same effect.

There are several inconsistencies creating holes in the plot such as, what are the creatures, how are certain people unaffected by the “wind,” where did Felix and Lucy go, etc.

Birdbox is a good movie and these small problems don’t change too much of that. The plot was still intriguing, the concept was a great idea and for the most part the actors were excellent.

Overall, Birdbox seemed like a great idea and had potential but, fell short in many aspects. From leaving the viewer with unresolved questions to poor use of changing scenery. If a few of these gaps were filled the movie could have been much better.