Review: Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout game mode

Lance Etelkozi, Staff Writer

In the last year battle royale games have become incredibly popular. Games such as Fortnite and Player unknowns Battlegrounds (PubG), have become known to almost every gamer in the world.

One of the all-time best video game franchises, Call of Duty, decided to get in on the action with their latest installment, Call of Duty: Black ops 4.

In their latest game, released on October 12th, the new game mode Blackout offers a refreshing new battle royale.

Blackout is a bit of a hybrid between PubG and Fortnite. It offers realistic graphics and a fast-paced game. At the same time, it’s incredibly smooth and I have yet to run into any connection interruptions.

This all comes along with the genuine feel of the Call of Duty game that many have come to adore. Their incorporation of the fan base’s favorite maps from past installments is brilliant.

The circle closes in very fast, restricting the area of play and forcing players into duels with others. It’s a fun challenge that I have yet to win, however I feel it’s only a matter of time.

Black Ops 4 Blackout

Overall, Call of Duty took a risk in an effort to expand their franchise, and I believe it worked. In a group of games where competition is fierce, Call of Duty brought their brand’s name and a top tier battle royale that beats out the competition.