On Homecoming Proposals: A Retort


“I finally have the balls to ask you to Homecoming,” Hunter Kniskern,12, and Cortney Mort, 12

Wynter Rodriquez

Homecoming is a beautiful tradition practiced all across the nation. Our generation created a new custom of extravagant homecoming ‘proposals.’ Today, I’m calling everyone to profess your feelings in a celebratory, new-age way. Sorry to anyone I’m offending that’s too good for cheesy activities.

The generations before us were asked to homecoming with an uneventful phone call and the simple question, “Will you go to homecoming with me?”

Today, we have the excitement of creative posters and bouquets of flowers. Some homecoming proposals at our school even entail the band serenading with the classic song, “My Girl,” always attracting a crowd. This is far more interesting and personal than simply being asked to a dance.

Homecoming proposals are a way for people to express personal feelings to their date. The posters may seem cheesy, but they add an individual touch. Each poster is handmade with the other person in mind. The posters are a way to show off your date and flaunt them to the world. The pictures on social media scream, “This is my date and I’m proud!”

Sure, the puns become redundant and the posters become tiring. There is definitely room for creativity. The whole act becomes repetitive after a few homecoming proposals in the courtyard, but I have yet to meet someone who is unhappy when they receive flowers and a teddy bear.

So, in preparation for homecoming this Saturday, get up and get creative. Ask your date to homecoming. Show the world how proud you are to go with them. Make them a cute poster and buy some flowers ($10 for 24 roses at Target). Continue this tradition and make someone’s day.

Tickets are being sold during lunch until Friday, Sept 22 for $40. It’s not too late to have a blast at homecoming with a date (or without!)

Homecoming is Saturday, Sept 23 @ 7pm, T Pepin’s Hospitality Centre.

Pictures @ 4:30pm, Compton Park.

Happy Homecoming!