Phoebe Dudney

Phoebe Dudney was born on  February 23rd, 1999, and is a junior at Freedom High School. This year she is starting her third year writing for the newspaper and her first year as an editor. Born and raised in Tampa, she plans to move away as soon as she graduates high school and pursue a life across the country with her best friend, Kalee VanDeBoe. Dudney and VanDeBoe met at Lewis Elementary School in kindergarten and have been joined at the hip ever since.

Dudney describes herself as a pretty simple person, using her spare time to be with friends and family, travel as much as possible, dabble in photography and enjoy music, whether she’s at a live concert or jamming with her headphones at home. Dudney also likes to cook, trying new recipes or creating her own, with her best friend of course.

This year, Dudney hopes to pass all of her classes, enjoy school as much as possible, and figure out exactly what she wants to do post-graduation. She’s not exactly sure what is to come in her future, but Dudney is preparing herself for any and everything.

Phoebe Dudney, Copy Editor

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Phoebe Dudney