Kalee VanDeBoe
Freedom junior Kalee VanDeBoe was born October 19th 1998. She lives with her mother Lori, father Scott and little brother Chandler. Growing up in Tampa, Florida VanDeBoe attended Turner elementary and Liberty Middle School. During elementary and middle school, VanDeBoe achieved all honors throughout the years as well as competed in dance competitions, played softball, and cheered.  Vandeboe spends her free time with her best friend Phoebe Dudney, watching Netflix, playing with her cat Luna, and living her life to the fullest. VanDeBoe’s favorite things are, chicken fingers, the color pink, The Breakfast Club, listening to Frank Ocean, her bed, and the beach.  VanDeBoe isn’t sure what she wants to do with the rest of her life, but what she does know is that she wants to make it count. VanDeBoe tries to have a positive attitude at all times, no matter how hard things will seem. She enters the 2015-2016 school year determined to make good grades and keep an open mind.

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