Teachers vs Students: Winning the Lottery

Michelle Morgan, Staff Writer

   Winning the lottery is a dream come true for everyone. Right now, the current winnings for the power ball comes out to 243 million dollars. After taxes and other expenses, you’d take home around a little under 50% of that amount…no big deal. Who would you tell that you won, and how would you utilize the new money? How would your teachers use it? Who would they tell?
   Kylie Burdick, 11, who is natively from Germany, said the first thing she would spend money on would be on “a lot of plane tickets, to travel back home and to other countries all around the world.” Up first on her list, she would tell her mom of her monetary gain, then not many people after that, in an attempt to keep it within her close circle of family.
   Mr. Jones, a biology teacher, quickly named his student debts as the first thing he’d use the money for. “After that, I’d want to travel a little, but I’d save most of the money considering right now I buy food, and that’s about it,” he said. He would keep the news close to himself, saying that he most likely would not even tell the majority of his family members.
   “The first thing I would buy would be a house near the beach for my parents,” Raul Olivera, 11, said. He said that he wouldn’t even know what to do with that amount of money, but one thing he was sure of was the fact that he would first tell his younger brother if he won.
   Ms. Cash, a social studies teacher, when asked who she’d first tell, instantly answered, “my two grown children; they’re the first two people I tell any news, and it would be their inheritance, so they might be a little interested.” Similar to Burdick’s idea of how to spend her money, Ms. Cash said she would love to travel around the world, starting in Europe, specifically Spain and Greece. The plan would be to save about half of the winnings to secure her future once she decided to retire.