The Case Against School Uniforms


Sofia Rao, Staff Writer

Many students center their social lives around school. This is where they meet their friends, form friendships, and make memories. Yet the argument of school uniforms seems to put a damper on the memories students make in these halls.

Administrators and school officials believe that school uniforms would be a solution for social barriers between students. This idea can be easily argued because school uniforms increase the barrier of self-expression for students.

One of the main points that argues against students being required to wear school uniforms is that students will lose their identity, individualism and self-expression if they are forced to dress in the  same clothes as everyone else. If this happens, you will create a student body that is dressed homogeneously and there will be a complete lack of self expression.

Many also argue that buying uniforms is an added expense especially to families that can’t afford them. There are families who would much rather that their kids be able to go to school wearing clothes that they already own. Families will have to purchase additional clothing instead of allowing their children to dress themselves in the clothes they already have.

Uniforms are often considerably less comfortable than normal clothes. They can be too small, stuffy and not fit for all weather. The temperatures in winter and summer can be terrible and extremely un comfortable in some issued school uniform. Many students have expressed through surveys that they do not feel comfortable in their uniforms, and that this type of clothing does not adjust well to varying weather conditions.

Lastly, many students feel they do not look their best in uniforms. This is due to the fact that uniforms fit a certain generic sizing, students that have unique build or plus-size individuals often feel that these clothes don’t flatter their body and are uncomfortable in uniforms. Wearing uniforms lend itself to more comparison, and children who do not fit the mold of a “normal” student in terms of body type are commonly ridiculed by classmates

All in all, this is a time in students’ lives where they are trying to create an identity and figure out who they are while growing up. So, limiting their self expression and forcing them to wear unaffordable clothes they are not comfortable with is not conducive for creating an environment where students feel like not what these students need.