Students Outlook On Going To School During A Pandemic


Aynialah Sheppard, Staff Writer

As we all come to realize, Corona virus has enormously impacted how things have turned out this school year and throughout our nation. We have missed out on a lot of events and things we all were looking forward to this year, that we now cannot do because the precautions in place.
‘’I was really looking forward to to pep rallies, playing sports and hanging with my friends,” Paris Sanders, 9, said.
This goes to show that students attending school this year were looking forward to this years events and activities that have now been on hold because of the pandemic.
“I think they are doing a good job of keeping people separated and handing out mask “ Winter Smith, 11, said in response of how the county and administration is handling keeping everyone safe during this rough time. All together they’ve been doing a pretty good job keeping everything in order.
“If we can comeback to school we should be able to participate in things and not be restricted but still take precautions “Eva Tarkington, 10, said. Most students believe the school should resume activities but rules should still be put into place to keep everything safe.
“It will be okay we just have to make the best of it and stay safe” Paris Sanders, 9.