New Coach, New Changes


Michelle Morgan, Staff Writer

Amid all of the chaos going on the past few months, the Freedom High School boys and girls swim team was presented with their own new change: a new coach.

A few weeks into the season, some major changes have already taken place under Coach John Olewski, a math teacher at Freedom.

“When I found out Coach Costello was no longer coaching, I immediately contacted Mr. Duncan,” Olewski said.

Having already coached Jefferson’s swim team previously for four consecutive years, he certainly has a lot to bring to the table.

Among the changes he brought to the team this season are fundraising (go to room 401 for some $1 snacks!!), recruiting, and working on the team as a whole, not individuals.

This is senior Jack Gardner’s third year on the team, and he is impressed with Coach Olewski’s initiative.

“He has placed an emphasis on the importance of everyone participating and that it is more about everyone’s collective involvement than one’s individual speed,” Gardner said.

With it only being her second year on the team, Sophomore Vivian Ernst has seen a visible difference in the spirit of the team and how everyone is cheering for each other on deck and has witnessed the positive effect it has had on the team as a whole.

“We’ve had way more spirit,” Ernst said. “Which is very encouraging.”

In regards to all of the changes made to the team, Nick Petrocelli, 10, said, “[the changes] have affected us in very positive way, and brought the team closer and made everyone feel wanted.” The overall feeling of elevated team spirit and unity has made even just the first few weeks extremely memorable.

“Every swimmer, regardless of their ability,”Olewski said, “sees that they’re an important part of the team, that everyone makes a difference.”

If you’re interested in joining the swim team next year, or have any questions, head to room 401 to speak with Coach Olewski. The team would love to have you!