Junior year – cut short


James Sidwell

Katie Matthews, Editor in Chief

I was at the beach over spring break when I got a text from my friends saying there is no school for another week, everyone was excited and already making plans. Little did we know that one-week break would become the rest of the year.

At first, I was loving online school. You do work on your own schedule in your own house, how much better could it get. Overtime the assignments began to pile up and my motivation was nearly gone. The last thing I wanted to do was take out my computer and check Edsby.

I missed school. Getting coffee at Dunkin’ in the morning with my friends, walking in the hallways with everyone after history, messing around with my teachers, cramming during lunch for my calculous test next period, I missed it all. I never got the chance to say bye to my favorite teachers or the seniors that I wont get to see again or my friends that I only talked to at school.

The situation caused AP exams to change and the SAT postponed until September. This is stressful considering junior year is when you start to think about college and get ready for applications.

While no school seemed like a dream in the beginning, it only took a few weeks to realize that this sucks. Hopefully, we can be back in school in the fall and my friends and I can start off our senior year together.